Everyday language

MTF Finance has been part of New Zealand’s lending landscape for over 50 years, and when you get down to it, we’re just a friendly bunch of Kiwis helping other Kiwis to get the things they need.

Our team and our customers all use everyday language, so it didn’t make sense to fill a loan agreement with tongue-twisting legal jargon. We wanted to create a document that used clear and professional language, and that conveyed a sense of the partnership that a loan should be.

Our new loan agreement is in plain English, contains clear definitions of the terms we use, and explains our loans in the language we all use every day. It’s designed to make you feel comfortable with your lending and give you the confidence to ask any questions you have.

No surprises

Imagine for a moment getting a great deal on a vehicle, having a great 'sign-up' experience with a loan provider, and then finding out months later that a tricky little bit of fine print means you didn’t quite realise what you were signing up for.

Our customers told us that it’s important they feel happy and confident about their lending, not concerned that they might have missed something in the fine print of any loan they might have - whether it is a mortgage, vehicle loan or signing up for a gym membership. Our new loan agreement is clearly laid out, with all the important information highlighted. It lets you know exactly what to expect when you get finance with us.

All our General terms are still there, but they are now plainly outlined and really easy to understand. There are no small clauses or confusing phrasing - just clear, fair terms.

We include a full breakdown of your loan costs, including the total amount of the loan, how much you will pay and when you will pay it, any additional fees (if applicable), and what might happen if you are not able to make your payments.

As well as the details of your lending, our loan agreement now includes information about responsible borrowing. You will have all the information you need to make an informed decision that fits your lifestyle and your budget.

Rangiora team.jpg

Our team of local lending experts are here to help you into your next vehicle.

Easier process

Kiwis told us that for a new borrower, the signup experience for a new loan can often be a little confusing - which was not what we wanted to hear! Borrowing should be an easy process which opens the door to a new vehicle or new possibilities. The paperwork should make it simple, not distract from the excitement of your new purchase.

We’ve made it as easy as possible to find the information you need, and we’ve made some other small changes to make things better, including:

  • Increasing our font size (because we don’t have a magnifying glass in the office)
  • Using colour to highlight important information
  • Adding bullet points and white space

You’ve got the power

A loan is a partnership between you and MTF Finance, and it’s hard to have an equal partnership when one person is speaking a language the other doesn’t understand.

Our new loan agreement is designed to put you and MTF Finance on an equal footing. When you can easily understand your loan documentation, you are in control of the process and have the confidence to ask any question under the sun.

We think our plain English contract makes MTF Finance an easier company to work with, and better reflects the customers we support every day. We hope you feel the same, and we would love to hear your feedback or answer any questions. Contact us