What is the Future Legends Scholarship?

The scholarship has been developed to support and nurture talented young Kiwis from a range of disciplines. MTF Finance will award six $5,000 cash prizes, over two rounds throughout the year.

Applications are open to New Zealanders aged 13-21 years. Winners will be chosen from three categories:

  • Sport
  • Leaders and entrepreneurs
  • Music and the arts

Round 2 winners will be announced at the end of November 2021.

Round 1 winners

Claudia Kelly

Claudia Kelly, winner of round 1

Rising to the top through hard work and determination

At 19 years of age, surf lifesaver Claudia Kelly is at the top of her game; crowned World Junior Ironwoman Champion, captaining the Junior Black Fins for the past three years and being named in the open Black Fins training squad for this coming season.

Winner - Individual - Cory - Large.jpg

Cory Newman, winner round 1

Turning a passion into a career

Cory Newman is the lead singer of the band Sit Down In Front. His musical style has been described as ‘infectiously fun’ and akin to that of a young Johnny Rotten. Cory’s goal over the next 12 months is to record an EP and go on tour to promote it. He would eventually like to be a full-time musician, turning his passion into his career.

Winner - Individual - John - Large.jpg

John Hopcroft, winner round 1

Developing perspective through debate

John is a teenager with opinions, and he likes to share them. He is the Founder and CEO of The Cosmos Championship, a global debate platform that is changing what debating means to high school students around the globe, with over 5,000 registrations from 108 countries.

The scholarship

- As a country, we punch above our weight on the podiums of the world, and it starts with the grassroots. Whether you’re a ‘young gun’ representing at national competitions or need the tools to compete on the world stage, the MTF Finance Future Legends Scholarship can help get you there.

Leaders and entrepreneurs - Many of our young people aspire to make New Zealand a better place to live and thrive. From inspiring community change, championing the under-served in society or making a mark through invention or collaboration, we want to help young society and business leaders who are doing great things.

Music and the arts - Performance and artistry often face an uphill struggle to get funded! This scholarship aims to reward the passion and commitment of New Zealand’s young and inspirational creatives. If you’ve set your sights on fame through art, dance, music or theatre, we want to help.



Since 1970 MTF Finance has been helping New Zealanders to do more. This scholarship provides young Kiwis with the opportunity to further develop their knowledge and skill, so they can take on new challenges and experiences that may not otherwise be available.


Who can apply?

MTF Finance is looking for the legends of tomorrow; the sporting greats, the performers, the change-makers. We're looking for promising New Zealanders aged 13-21 years.


What you need to do

Applications for Round 1 closed on 28 May 2021. Round 2 applications open 1 August 2021.

How we assess your application

Applications will be submitted to a process tailored to the three categories (sport, leaders and entrepreneurs and music and arts). The judging panel will consist of Glen Todd (MTF Finance CEO), Avalon Biddle (New Zealand Champion Motorcycle Racer and MTF Finance Future Legends Scholarship Ambassador) and an independent legendary sporting great, entertainer or change maker.

Scholarship selection is at the discretion of MTF Finance. To ensure your privacy, information on selection criteria and other applicant details are confidential.

For more information, see the Terms and Conditions


Being the ambassador for a programme like this is a real privilege!

New Zealand champion motorcycle racer Avalon Biddle has been appointed the official ambassador for the programme. Biddle made sporting history in 2019 when she became the first woman to win New Zealand's Supersport 600 title, a coveted crown of New Zealand motorcycle racing.

Watch the video to learn more

Got a question?

Check out the Terms and Conditions or email scholarship@mtf.co.nz