Find locally-made alternatives to your go-to purchases

From hand soap to teabags, we all stock up on the same products week after week. Looking for locally made alternatives to your supermarket essentials is an easy way to support Kiwi businesses and discover some exciting new products at the same time! Locally made options are often just as affordable as the big brands, and a lot of the time, they’re produced more sustainably - so you’re also helping to support our planet.

Once you’ve stocked up on awesome local products, it’s time to get creative with your gifting. For your next family birthday or staff milestone, why not give a voucher for a local restaurant or experience? ‘Daily deal’ sites provide a range of voucher options, or you could get in touch with your favourite venue directly to see what they can do.

Stuck on where to start? Get exploring with a visit to your local Saturday market.

Recommend and review your favourite local businesses

What’s the first thing you check when you’re looking up a business online? If you’re anything like us, you probably head straight to the Google reviews. Reviews are super-important to small businesses, so the next time you’re given excellent service, pop online and leave a review to say thanks.

As well as helping your local faves attract new customers, you’ll be providing a genuine ‘warm fuzzy’ for the person who helped you out.

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Get involved with a school or community organisation

Schools, sports clubs and charities are always on the lookout for people or businesses who’d like to lend a hand. Your contribution doesn’t have to be financial; giving up a few hours to help out at a sausage sizzle or volunteer at an animal shelter makes a big difference. As well as doing some good in your community, you’ll be surprised how many friendships and connections you create!

If volunteering isn’t right for you, how about lending your expertise instead? From a free workshop to some quick tips and tricks, there are plenty of ways to share your knowledge with people who will benefit.


Move your meetings to a local cafe

Let’s face it; most meetings would be greatly improved by a cup of coffee and a piece of caramel slice. So, why not get out of that boring boardroom and treat your next customer or supplier with a visit to your local cafe?

Support your local heroes

Supporting local isn’t always about your spending habits; sometimes, it’s as simple as cheering on an individual or a team. No matter your lifestyle, chances are you have colleagues, friends, or family with some pretty exciting hobbies.

So, the next time someone you know runs a marathon, does a spot of community theatre, or starts up a side hustle, get involved and be there to cheer them on! This might mean chipping in for some costs, but it doesn’t have to; just turning up to show your support is a great way to celebrate your community.

Once you start getting out there and getting involved, you’ll find it’s a bit addictive. We’re always on the lookout for locals doing great things, so if you’ve got an event coming up, drop us a line.

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